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IGN: TheDarkPsycho
By TheDarkPsycho » about 1 year ago
Well, start of another week, but no server side changes to report.

However, I have created a new Super-Smelter Furnace Array somewhere on the server for you to use. 

Fruance Array

This bad boy has 46 furnaces, all setup to distribute the smelting load evenly.  I tested it after I finished it last night, and managed to do about a chests worth of glass in only a few minutes.

However, my goal is to give you a place to explore and find more than the default Minecraft world.  As such, I won't tell you where this is.  It's not *too* far away from spawn...I'll tell you that much.  The area it is in does have a nether portal, but no corresponding nether side portal for it.  Once that side is set up, it shouldn't be too far from Spawn, and in fact may be able to be integrated into a proper nether hub.

I still have some decorating work to do in the area it's in as well as the room itself, but the system is functional, so if you want to use it feel free too :P