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By TheDarkPsycho » about 1 year ago

Rather than flood you with a news release everytime I make a change, I have decided to bunch them up and give you an update weekly.

For week 2 of our server, there has been a number of changes.  First off, I have implemented a ranking system to use with permissions.  Everyone will start out as a normal user, or  Knight.  You can see this as you will have a {Sir} before your name when you type.  Next rank is a Moderator, or {Lord}.   Above that is the {King} or Admin.

What am I? Oh nothing of consequence >_>...

Second, and to go along with that, I have updated the server with Essentials, which will give you the ability to /sethome, then use /home to teleport there.  You can also teleport to /spawn, or use /tpa to ask to teleport to another user, or /tpahere to request them to teleport to you.  If you get a request, you can /tpaccept to accept the request. 

You may also notice that on the tab list, there is a number next to each name.  As of 12/16/2018 onward, this will keep track of your deaths, as per a request from Derp1337

I have fully generated chunks up to 3K blocks away from spawn, and then fully rendered out the map as well.  Still no jungle though :/

I have also added a plugin to send the chat messages about news items, things of interest, etc.

There is also a new fortress out in the ocean for you to explore, and finished up the spawn and welcome area!

This week I am continuing to terraform a large section near town.  I am also looking at adding the Gringotts plugin, as to help you trade amongst each other.  Both of these are towards the idea of setting up an area for you to set up user shops at.  I am also looking into setting up some custom villagers in the Spawn area's welcome center that will have custom trades.  The exact nature and items available are as of yet undecided, but may include Player Heads, Nether and End items, etc.  Given how the Gringotts plugin works, Diamonds will likely be the currency of the land, but I have yet to decide anything for certain.