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IGN: TheDarkPsycho
By TheDarkPsycho » about 1 year ago
Happy 1.14 Day! what I want to be saying.  Yeah, we have a bit still.  Here's the scoop.

We run a variation of the Minecraft Server called Spigot.  This is a highly streamlined version that allows us to make the most of our resources.  It also supports plugins, which allows us to do things like have warp points, have ranks, behead mobs, and have our fancy live map.  I feel this makes the game a much more enjoyable experience for all of us.

However, this is where the problem comes in.  Spigot has to wait for the official Minecraft Server 1.14 to come out before they can work on finalizing their changes.  While they have a head start (they released Spigot 1.14 pre-release 5 today), it means they aren't ready to have their official release yet.

I personally want to run the most awesome server I can for you guys.  This means I'm not going to put up a version I'm reasonably sure is buggy.  At least not without testing it first.  As we speak I'm compiling the latest Spigot development version.  As soon as it's done, I'm going to take a copy of our server, slap it on there with our map, then see what happens.  I expect at least one or two of our plugins will require updating, but I expect it to run....mostly.  As I said bugs.

If I feel this version is good enough I'll upgrade our server.  I don't expect to feel that way.  I'll monitor things and as soon as things are ready to upgrade the Server,  you'll hear about it here first.