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By TheDarkPsycho » about 1 year ago
So - Updates!  We have a good few this week:

First, we have a new announcement plugin that actually makes links clickable!  No more copying and pasting to get news updates!

Second, is I've added another plugin that will allow us to store our XP as Bottles of Enchanting!  To do this, take an empty bottle, and left click on an enchanting table, and voila! stored XP!  You can even shift-left-click to do ten at a time!

Second, I've added a few "off the shelf" datapacks.  Two affect mob drobs, specifically they make shulkers drop at least two shulker shells, and make the dragon drop an elytra and a dragon egg! 
Another two affect recipes, making it so that you can craft double stone slab blocks, and get more trapdoors for your wood input!

Then the last one is a custom one for our server.  The first part of it adds both gems (Topaz, Amythest, Ruby, Sapphire, and Aquamarine), as well as "God of Insanity" heads, to random loot chests in dungeons, end citys, mineshafts, etc.  The second part allows them to be traded at the First Inn in Spawn.  So far you can only trade for the Aquamarine and Ruby, but I have plans for the rest.  You can also buy these gems at the Inn for 32 diamonds a pop.  Aquamarine you can trade for (most) Phenakism player heads, and ruby you can trade for various nether items!

I'm really excited for the changes that are being made, and can't wait to see what you do with it all!

The Dark Psycho!