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IGN: TheDarkPsycho
By TheDarkPsycho » 7 months ago
Mr Derp made this joke last night online in response to the server being a bit laggy....little did he know I was actually doing an analysis of the MC Server's memory usage to see if more memory was in fact needed.

So a crash course: The main memory that the Minecraft server uses is called it's java heap.  It's represented below as the blue line.  Under normal,  healthy operation it's supposed to be this beautiful "Sawtooth" pattern.  The bit to the left is it starting up - and that is also normal looking.


This was our server last night, with four people on, and me running a villager breeder:

That's not so good.  The host server still had some free Ram available, so as of this morning I've added another 512 MB to the heap.  Unfortunately I'll have to wait until more of us are on to check it again, but hoping it will be much better next time we are all online!