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IGN: TheDarkPsycho
By TheDarkPsycho » 7 months ago

Hey!  So I finally got around to setting up some warps, and a few other things!

So we have two warps set up.  endfarm will take you to the Enderman XP Farm, and Smelter will take you to the Smeltery!

To use either, just type "/warp <warp location="">"


Each warp costs you one diamond.  You must have the Diamond (in regular or block form) either in your inventory, your ender chest, or your vault (more on this in a moment).

If you only have diamond blocks in any of these locations, it will automatically convert a block into diamonds, then remove one for the warp cost.

I should note that using /home and /spawn are still free :P


Setting up a vault is easy.  What you need is one sign and a chest.  It can be either a single or double chest.

Place your chest, then put a sign either on the chest or above it.  On the first line, type "[vault]", as shown below:

Then click done.  If it worked, you should get a notice in chat that your vault was created, and your username should appear on the third line, as such:


A note of caution, however.  We do not have a way to lock down a chest on this server, so anything in your vault can be gotten to. Might be best to hide your vault chest.  While stealing like that is considered griefing and would be dealt with appropriately, I still feel it best to avoid headache and just secure your vault to start with. 

Of course, contents of your ender chest are far more secure and still count towards your vault.  But they must be directly in your ender chest - contents in a shulker box within your ender chest do not count.