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Mr Derp made this joke last night online in response to the server being a bit laggy....little did he know I was actually doing an analysis of the MC Server's memory usage to see if more memory was in fact needed.

So a crash course: The main memory that the Minecraft server uses is called it's java heap.  It's represented below as the blue line.  Under normal,  healthy operation it's supposed to be this beautiful "Sawtooth" pattern.  The bit to the left is it starting up - and that is also normal looking.


This was our server last night, with four people on, and me running a villager breeder:

That's not so good.  The host server still had some free Ram available, so as of this morning I've added another 512 MB to the heap.  Unfortunately I'll have to wait until more of us are on to check it again, but hoping it will be much better next time we are all online!

01 Mar 2019, 14:26 0 | 3

Hey!  So I finally got around to setting up some warps, and a few other things!

So we have two warps set up.  endfarm will take you to the Enderman XP Farm, and Smelter will take you to the Smeltery!

To use either, just type "/warp "


Each warp costs you one diamond.  You must have the Diamond (in regular or block form) either in your inventory, your ender chest, or your vault (more on this in a moment).

If you only have diamond blocks in any of these locations, it will automatically convert a block into diamonds, then remove one for the warp cost.

I should note that using /home and /spawn are still free :P


Setting up a vault is easy.  What you need is one sign and a chest.  It can be either a single or double chest.

Place your chest, then put a sign either on the chest or above it.  On the first line, type "[vault]", as shown below:

Then click done.  If it worked, you should get a notice in chat that your vault was created, and your username should appear on the third line, as such:


A note of caution, however.  We do not have a way to lock down a chest on this server, so anything in your vault can be gotten to. Might be best to hide your vault chest.  While stealing like that is considered griefing and would be dealt with appropriately, I still feel it best to avoid headache and just secure your vault to start with. 

Of course, contents of your ender chest are far more secure and still count towards your vault.  But they must be directly in your ender chest - contents in a shulker box within your ender chest do not count.


09 Feb 2019, 15:48 0 | 1
So - this week.  It's been a busy one!

Spawn Town Changes
We see some new construction - including a fish farm for all your nametag needs,  a new house coming together, and a hot air balloon!  The fish farm is for community use, so feel free to use it at any time.  It is a good source of enchanted books, nametags, and random fish. 

Also - on the nether side, I've setup a rudimentary nether hub.  It's really just a netherack cube with tunnels leading off, but it has stops that go to my survival base, the smeltery array, the nether proper, and the EnderMini Farm.  In speaking of end farms.....

The Ender Farm
Another project this week is a brand new end farm.  Need XP in a hurry? This will satisfy all your needs.  This is a design by gnembon and you can view the video that explains how it works here:

My Survival Base!
So I've also decided to jump into the fray and start building my survival base.  This beauty's exterior is about 1/2 complete - and inside I've only completed the storage room.  Any guesses to what it will be? ;)

Server changes
As far as the server itself, it continues to operate just fine. I've added a add-on to our live-map that will show your current home.  I also intend to add some warps - but I imagine warping there should enforce some sort of toll, and I'm still figuring out the details of that ;).

Otherwise, I'll see you next week or online!

~The Dark Psycho

04 Feb 2019, 18:21 0 | 2
Have you ever tried to connect to a website, and went "Is it down or is it just me?"  I have.

I try to provide as professional a service here as I can manage.  As such, I do have a monitor that will tell me when there is a problem.  I've turned that into a dashboard you can access by clicking "Server Status" above.

This is actually hosted by some one else, so even if the whole server (including website) is down, you can to go and see the status of both the website and the Minecraft Server!

Hope this helps you guys!

~Dark Psycho

21 Jan 2019, 16:47 0 | 1
Well, start of another week, but no server side changes to report.

However, I have created a new Super-Smelter Furnace Array somewhere on the server for you to use. 

Fruance Array

This bad boy has 46 furnaces, all setup to distribute the smelting load evenly.  I tested it after I finished it last night, and managed to do about a chests worth of glass in only a few minutes.

However, my goal is to give you a place to explore and find more than the default Minecraft world.  As such, I won't tell you where this is.  It's not *too* far away from spawn...I'll tell you that much.  The area it is in does have a nether portal, but no corresponding nether side portal for it.  Once that side is set up, it shouldn't be too far from Spawn, and in fact may be able to be integrated into a proper nether hub.

I still have some decorating work to do in the area it's in as well as the room itself, but the system is functional, so if you want to use it feel free too :P


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