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Have you ever tried to connect to a website, and went "Is it down or is it just me?"  I have.

I try to provide as professional a service here as I can manage.  As such, I do have a monitor that will tell me when there is a problem.  I've turned that into a dashboard you can access by clicking "Server Status" above.

This is actually hosted by some one else, so even if the whole server (including website) is down, you can to go and see the status of both the website and the Minecraft Server!

Hope this helps you guys!

~Dark Psycho

21 Jan 2019, 16:47 0 | 1
Well, start of another week, but no server side changes to report.

However, I have created a new Super-Smelter Furnace Array somewhere on the server for you to use. 

Fruance Array

This bad boy has 46 furnaces, all setup to distribute the smelting load evenly.  I tested it after I finished it last night, and managed to do about a chests worth of glass in only a few minutes.

However, my goal is to give you a place to explore and find more than the default Minecraft world.  As such, I won't tell you where this is.  It's not *too* far away from spawn...I'll tell you that much.  The area it is in does have a nether portal, but no corresponding nether side portal for it.  Once that side is set up, it shouldn't be too far from Spawn, and in fact may be able to be integrated into a proper nether hub.

I still have some decorating work to do in the area it's in as well as the room itself, but the system is functional, so if you want to use it feel free too :P


07 Jan 2019, 14:26 0 | 3
Hey All! 

I hope you had an awesome Christmas, and are ready to get back to it in the New Year!

Not much has happened on the server as far as the Server Config the past week.  Just a policy change.

My goal is to encourage people to go out and explore the land, build bases, make farms, etc.  To this end I am continuing to build various buildings and places randomly around the server.  In these builds you'll find a number of my heads, name "god of insanity".  What are they? A bit of vanity? Yes.  Useful? Maybe.

Here's the deal.  I've setup a shop in the spawn town area, right next to spawn.  You can't miss it, it's just a larger version of my head.  Go in there, and once per week, you can submit a god-of-insanity head and a request for a miracle.  If I deem it awesome, I'll grant your request at my earliest convenience.

To make things easier, please include where you'd like your miracle delivered, and sign the book before submitting it. 

Happy hunting and building,
The Dark Psycho

31 Dec 2018, 17:01 0 | 3

Rather than flood you with a news release everytime I make a change, I have decided to bunch them up and give you an update weekly.

For week 2 of our server, there has been a number of changes.  First off, I have implemented a ranking system to use with permissions.  Everyone will start out as a normal user, or  Knight.  You can see this as you will have a {Sir} before your name when you type.  Next rank is a Moderator, or {Lord}.   Above that is the {King} or Admin.

What am I? Oh nothing of consequence >_>...

Second, and to go along with that, I have updated the server with Essentials, which will give you the ability to /sethome, then use /home to teleport there.  You can also teleport to /spawn, or use /tpa to ask to teleport to another user, or /tpahere to request them to teleport to you.  If you get a request, you can /tpaccept to accept the request. 

You may also notice that on the tab list, there is a number next to each name.  As of 12/16/2018 onward, this will keep track of your deaths, as per a request from Derp1337

I have fully generated chunks up to 3K blocks away from spawn, and then fully rendered out the map as well.  Still no jungle though :/

I have also added a plugin to send the chat messages about news items, things of interest, etc.

There is also a new fortress out in the ocean for you to explore, and finished up the spawn and welcome area!

This week I am continuing to terraform a large section near town.  I am also looking at adding the Gringotts plugin, as to help you trade amongst each other.  Both of these are towards the idea of setting up an area for you to set up user shops at.  I am also looking into setting up some custom villagers in the Spawn area's welcome center that will have custom trades.  The exact nature and items available are as of yet undecided, but may include Player Heads, Nether and End items, etc.  Given how the Gringotts plugin works, Diamonds will likely be the currency of the land, but I have yet to decide anything for certain.

17 Dec 2018, 14:18 0 | 6
Hey All,

I don't really know most of you, so I'd figure I write up a short post introducing myself. 

Name: TheDarkPsycho, or that Rodney guy. 
Day Job: I am a SysAdmin (Systems Administrator).  This means I can bring a lot of my expertise to this server
Age: Is that really important?
Where are you: Usually in the spawn town area, or building cool things for people to discover :P

I suppose that's all you'll get from me.  However, I also wanted to give some info about the server.  To be clear: This is Alec's server.  He has final say about how plays, who doesn't, etc.  Don't ask me to whitelist so and so.  Ask Alec, and if he agrees he'll ask me or do it himself.  That being said, I will take requests for features from people already on the server.

The server runs on a VPS I have that is based in NYC.  It is also my webserver, and does a few other things on the side. 
CPU: 2 cores
RAM: 4 GB for the whole Machine, 2GB of which is dedicated to the MC Server
Host: ( for downtime and issues)

So here's my promise: I'll keep this server up as long as I see people playing on it somewhat reasonably.  By this I mean I won't shut it down if no one is on it for like a week or two.  Life gets busy.  However, if I don't see anyone on it for a few months, it will likely be shut down.

I don't want to monotize the server, so I will neither ask nor accept any donations, payment, etc. All I ask is that you explore, build, and have fun.

Please let me know if there is something you feel would help the server.  I've got plans for a /back, /tp, and /toggledownfall commands, and will hopefully get those (with some other good features) rolled out today. 

Until next time, See ya

12 Dec 2018, 15:01 0 | 4